Finally starting to blog-Credit Reports

Welcome all curiosity seekers with questions on the world of debt and credit.  In this blog I am going to discuss relevant topics that clients ask me about in my practice and post them so more people can get answers to these questions.  So here we go:

1. Your credit report is even more important today than it was 3 years ago during the real estate boom.  Most people have no idea what is on their credit report and all the mistakes and inaccuracies that occur.  I recommend pulling your credit report once every 6-12 months to review for problems.  You can do this for free at  You can access the reports from all three major credit reporting agencies: Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax.  Once the economy starts to improve (hopefully, eventually) it will be imperative that your credit is in good shape to take advantage of new job opportunities and low interest rates.  Yes, it is true that more and more potential employers are now pulling your credit before they give you even an interview.  This is the credit challenged world we now live in so take control!

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